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In many ways, Panthers is by far the most important film produced in the inspiring film world of Marvel Comics. The meaning is not so easy as this is the first great super hero movie from Central Heroes Black. The difference between the films themselves is that this is only part of a broader perspective, including the redefinition of politics, social conflict, isolationism, family, gender roles, and what it means to be a hero.

No panic. All this is in line with the usual mass campaigns, a sequence of movements and a big explosion as a sign of a comic film. The difference is that the plot is not used to get rid of a high level strategy, but rather as a sigh to say and do.

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The piece by directors Ryan Kugel ("Fruitwell Vail") and Joe Robert Cole shows that there is room for the brain and muscles in this guy. Their stories are ripe and this is a big step forward for the Marvel movie in terms of audience and material.

Panthers began with the death of King T'Chaka (John Carney) after the bombings "Captain America: Civil War". After the death of his father T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) returned to Wakanda, an isolated and technologically advanced African country that treated him as king. This shift is threatened by outside forces seeking control of the country's most valuable asset, Zenti.

However, this is a struggle within the country. Erik Killmonger, another throne of the rivals, came here and is determined to control and use the country's assets to start a revolution around the world.

A typical action movie will be solved because of the large number of actions that have taken place in this power struggle. Producers of "Captain America: Civil War" try to give the movie a higher meaning and improvisations in the sense of control. This philosophical element is eventually overwhelmed by huge combat sequences and action scenes. Even the Thor movie touched the fight between brothers, but in the end, these works also fist.

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Panthers are driven by big problems. T'Challa's definition is the hero of this story, but they pose a serious problem as to why his country is being pushed into its wealth and its vast advanced world as it fights elsewhere in the world. Kilmöng's plan to open the world includes extremism, but at least two main actors have received clear philosophical support.

Even the emergence of the Panthers has shown a more established approach to film franchising. Unlike Tony Stark, Tos Stark, with dry wit or Captain America, can express his love of patriotism while playing T'Challa as a person of great potential. He is a warrior, but with a quiet attitude dominated the screen.

Kugler and many strong supporters of the balance between players, especially Leticia Wright as T'Challas sister Shuli. Not only is she the brightest in this country, Shuri's uprising has brought her a lot of fun. When she and Boseman join forces, how important is their identity. It offers a humorous element of light that helps make the Marvel movie not too serious.

It's also a great success, and Wright's character is just one of the most powerful female characters in the movie. From her powerful wisdom to the stubbornness of T'Challa's all-female guard, this is the first Marvel movie to emphasize the importance of a female figure. In the past, films were made with several strong female characters, of which the Black Widow was the most well-known, but none of the earlier works was so close to the "Panther" precaution.

All this is good for franchising, but there are really problems with Panthers. Kugler caught some problems in the scene. With a tremendous chase, the Panthers can prove their skills, and those abilities should stop a few miles earlier. And in so many places where the film stood, the loud telegrams were almost overwhelmed by the most important conversations. Make a record. If the characters in the film need a long time to explain how a device works, then you can be sure that the machine will be an important part of the story.

As both sides faced a climate confrontation, the last fight felt a bit confused. For a film that spends so much time talking about the importance of the royal family, tribal allegiance to subjects, and generational support, Kugler uses minimal interpretations to force this action. There are some, but this is

Just announcing Panthers would suffice because it highlights the characteristics of the black superhero. This is a bit of a relaxation as the miracle "Luke Cage" breaks with the drama, but "Panthers" is still a big step forward.

This movie is so much. Kugler's desire to solve important social and political issues raised the film. With the cast, breathtaking photography by Rachel Morrison and dazzling costumes by Ruth E. Carter and the "Panthers" career so powerful on this important action movie Vibranger.

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Now, Ryan Cooglers Panthers released to the public, in the sales of digital miracle film bleed slowly. Vandango had previously confirmed that pre-sales large comics had surpassed many other films, including captains of the United States: Civil War and Batman v Superman: the dawn of justice. But as the fans went into regular cinema editions one after another, confirming the ticketing company Leopard is the fourth of its top 5 pre-sale tickets. It also oversold the fourth-quarter pre-sale Champs The Hunger Games and beauty and the beast.

This is no small feat. The three best-selling movies are Star Wars movies and the fifth is the Hunger Games. Panther pre-sale trend led to sold out across the country.

The awakening of power earned 246 million U.S. dollars on the opening weekend. Last Jedi received 220 million U.S. dollars in revenue during the opening weekend. The Hunger Games drove $ 152 million. Panthers, with Chadwick Bosman, Danny Gurila, Luisita Nirvana, Michael B. Jordan, Daniel Caroua, Lattice Wright, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett and Forest Whitaker, tracking up to $ 165 million in premiere weekend. No one will be surprised if it is exceeded.

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